Miss Bossy Patterns March Make

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Here is the March Make y’all chose

A New Look pattern 6699

Thanks for your votes. More details on the dress and the make here.

and thanks to The Monthly Stitch for making it happen.Image 

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Miss Bossy Patterns March Make

Here is the March Make y’all chose

A New Look pattern 6699

Thanks for your votes. More details on the dress and the make here.

and thanks to The Monthly Stitch for making it happen.Image 

Will You Follow Me?

Happy New Year Lovelies!

You are probably aware since May 2012 I have been posting all my posts on 2 different blogs one here and one at blogspot.

As of today I am only going to be posting there – I have my fingers crossed you will come over and join me there.

If you’re an email kind of follower you can  still do that there – just sign up on the box on the right like you did on this one.yoyo2

and you can comment with a google account, or anonymously (but please leave your name) or choose Name/URL and just add your name and email and leave the other bit blank….. okay???

Some of you have been here since I first posted on Jan 1st 2010 and I want to say thank you so much for your kind words and your enthusiasm as I started – I hope I have improved along the way – even if my grammar hasn’t. 😮

Here’s to a new year, to new possibilities and to Hope.

Thanks so much my wordpress friends

Please join me here at Create Hope Inspire (see I made biscuits to welcome you??)

Miriam xxxx

The Year That Was

In comparison with 2011 this year has been so much more settled.

I felt my word for the year was contentment and I feel like to a great degree that is the word that settled over my heart and my home. I came to greater peace and satisfaction with the roles in my life – the mother I am and I am aiming to become, the craft-er and sew-er I am, the person I am in the body I occupy.

In my blog I managed 52 posts about Becoming the Mama I Want to Be,

52 Wardrobe Wednesday posts and

52 Make My Week posts.

All of which have been a great delight to do and none have felt like a chore.

I want to thank you for being on the journey with me this year and I hope you will continue to add your voice of encouragement and find this to be a place of joy and encouragement in 2013.

Tomorrow I’ll let you know my hopes and aspirations for the new year.

 Miriam xx

The Final Advent Installment

The final 3 days of Advent absolutely blew me away.

Through the whole of the advent swap I was so blessed by the thoughtfulness, creative talent and heart-felt generosity I undeservedly received from Leonie.

Day 23

 This AMAZING cushion. I have such a thing about Suffolk Puffs and this one has so inspired me to make myself some more puff-craft.

and more beads I love

The boys received their final installment of our nativity pieces

Day 24:

 The boys were given these gorgeous pillow case covers with PJ pockets and handles for transporting to story telling spots and sweet golden books too.


and I received this stunningly beautiful hand-made necklace (which I then planned my Christmas outfit around) and this incredible hand-made bag – can you imagine the hours and hours of stitching that went into this???


Christmas Day:

The boys received gorgeous books and these stunning hand-made place mats (Bounce has decided it’s rather too good for that and it is actually a quilt for his teddy)

and I received this amazing cook book which I have looked at wistfully before

and my own hand made tu-tu/ petticoat. You can bet I am already planning an outfit based around this gorgeous piece of loveliness.

Leonie (ever generous) also sent a gift for The Atlas – unfortunately we had a letter box break in on Christmas Eve so I am really, really hoping it was not in there at the time…..praying instead it has been caught up in the backlog of Christmas post along with another gift that was due to arrive for another family member.

I cannot begin to really describe how special and humbled I have felt throughout December and even more special I have had the pleasure of meeting Leonie and I have her now as a new and amazing friend. I am blessed and blissed!! :o)

Make My Week #52 – Bits and Bobs

I always find this number 52 post such a pleasure to write. I get such a sense of satisfaction in making it to the end of the year and knowing I have made 52 things during the year.

Christmas Eve PJs

This week I include some things I haven’t shared because I didn’t want to spoil Leonie’s surprises in the Advent swap or I just ran out of space to share because I made something else that week too, or I didn’t share because I did them for Wardrobe Wednesday (like I did this week).

So for your viewing pleasure the final random installment of things I made over the year.




I’d love to do a montage of all the things I made but unless I feel highly motivated in the next couple of days it isn’t going to happen – and actually just now I’m highly motivated to start making new things for 2013 and to sort out and de-clutter my little sewing room.

Advent Gifts for Leonie






I don’t think there are any linkies going on this week so I’m just all here by myself with you for wonderful company.

Don’t you love this little sheep? His costume zips from top to bottom at the back….

B.M.W.B #52 – Getting Uncomfortable

Wow! I can’t believe 52 Becoming The Mama I Want to Be posts – of all the things I’ve done this year this has been the best one, the most significant and in many ways the easiest. It’s actually rather easy to enjoy special time with my boys.

This week we got up with the boys (6.30am!!!!) and watched a Christmas movie together. Our boys go to bed really early so a movie after tea is not an option. So instead I got uncomfortable – I hauled myself out of bed when I could have slept in (hello holidays!) and instead of them watching it alone we watched together and then afterwards we talked about what we liked and what made us laugh.

I acted excited to get out of bed when they came in all excited and shiny eyed in the morning…. and actually I enjoyed myself! Sometimes for me the barrier is my own laziness and when I get over this I am always the better for it.

Being together on a special occasion creates such a sense of team and love. It’s never a waste of time. Never.( I didn’t take photos you really don’t need to see me at this time of the day!)

I have so enjoyed this series this year and you have no idea how much your encouragement has meant to me. I have such a passion for people and families to love and enjoy each other and the thought that someone else might find this space helps/encourages them to do the same gives me such joy.

In 2013 I will continue this series on a Monday – including a linky so that you can help me to encourage, be encouraged and resource each other. I would love to have your input too.

And I have made a button – cue huge gasp! With help and direction and here it is :o)


Create Hope Inspire

So if you would like to join in with these posts anytime please grab the code on the right.

I am making more of a conscious effort to have quality moments with my boys. B.M.W.B (becoming the mama I want to be)  is my way of recording and hopefully inspiring other mama’s too. 

 Simple. Achievable. Intentional: becoming the mama I want to be.

Of God With Us

And he will be called Emmanuel – meaning God with us.

 This Christmas this is the part of the story that captures my heart – God with Us.

 Not God far away and watching us from a distance

 Not God foreign unable to be comprehended

 Not a frightening angry God

 God with us



 knowing us

 dwelling with us

 this is the Jesus of Christmas

 with me

 capable of loving me as I am

 capable to change my story

 able to redeem my mess

Merry Christmas lovely friends – may you too know the tangible experience of God with you.



More Adventy Goodness

The joy is still a flowing on the adventy awesomeness round these parts. :o) Today I’m letting the pictures speak for themselves….

Day Sixteen (and a gorgeous Ingrid Michelson CD which is in the car)

Day Seventeen



I’m a lucky girl right??

Day Eighteen – the boys were outside at 7.05am with their chalk pens!


Day Nineteen

If you are keen to see what I’ve been sending (not as exciting!) you can find some posts over here on Leonie’s lovely blog :o) 

Day Twenty


Day Twenty-One

and these awesome DIY decorations that are now proudly on the tree

Day Twenty-Two (and the wise men have arrived for our magnetic nativity)

 For those heading off on Christmas travels this weekend I pray safety in the journey and joy in the reception. Merry Christmas lovely friends xxx

Just Checking

Favourite thins this week was the following conversation

Me: Have you had enough water to drink today?

 Bounce: I’ll just go and check (goes to the toilet for a pee)

 Bounce: No I haven’t (because the wee wasn’t clear)

 He then has some water and races back to the toilet to check, but finds he’s all out of wees

 Bounce: I didn’t think there was any left

I think 4-year-old boys are rad.

They have also discovered the delights of sprinkler running and hose chasing over the last few days.

There is always so much to be grateful for but this week I am grateful that it is holiday time and I have my 3 favourite boys home to enjoy the festive season with.

Joining in with the ever grateful and interesting Meghan