The Challenges

Well here they are. 1oo challenges, 100 ways to try and be more intentional about life. I will cross these off as I complete them. Why don’t you join me and pick some yourself!

Capture –Life, Capture – Moments, Capture – Kindness, Capture – Creativity, Capture – Inspiration

1.      Ring a friend; pack a basket with treats and a board game and play! 13th NOV

2.      Collect some random artefacts from unusual places and mail them to a friend. MAY 23rd

3.      Buy some wool and knit a friend a scarf. DAY 110

4.      Listen to classical music while doing the house work. DAY 37

5.      Get an old piece of furniture and redesign it. DAY 8

6.      Ask a friend if you can baby-sit for them for no reason at all. 12th NOV

7.     Take a big piece of paper and draw your families or personal vision 9th JULY

8.      Buy a blank canvas and grab a child. Buy 3x of your favourite colours and create a master piece together. DAY 76

9.      Create some bubble mixture and give it away as a gift to a child. DAY 17

10.  Offer to paint a friends lounge room or decorate their home in some way. 25th SEPT

11.  Run a bath turn of all the lights and light one candle. Add bubble bath or oil to the bath. Hop in close your eyes and enjoy the silence – what do you hear and see? 6th NOV

12.  Go to the home of a friend who has just recently given birth and help in any way needed during this new season. DAY 19

13.  Cut flowers, weeds, tree branches whatever is there and arrange them in a vase creatively and give them to a friend. 9th SEPT

14.  Use your creativity to help a charity. 12th OCT

15.  Have a picnic in a friend’s garden. 11th SEPT

16.  Make homemade jam or relish or preserve fruit and give the first one away to someone with grey hair. DAY 83

17.  Think about a complimentary thing for your waiter, then write a little note on the serviette and leave it on your table. JULY 25th

18.  Pick a friend up early on summer’s morning and drive to the highest point in town and watch the sunrise. JULY 28th

19.  Go to a Sunday market and look at all the colours, people, stalls, food, gifts and smell and listen. Take in the sights – what creative juices come from this experience? 2nd OCT

20. Get a singlet or plain T-shirt. Then collect bits and bobs of funky fabric, stitch and sew a unique original for the next birthday present. MAY 18th

21.  Volunteer at a refuge for men or woman or at an animal shelter. 11th DEC

22.  Teach someone a new craft – help them on their first ‘project’. AUG 10th

23.  Book a great restaurant and take yourself and a friend out for a dessert-only dinner. You must only eat from the dessert menu. 8th NOV

24.  Clean out your closet and organise a clothes swap night. 10th DEC

25.  Buy someone a bottle of bubble bath and a rubber ducky – this has got to be given to an adult! DAY 110

26.  Give away something of yours that you love. MAY 25th

27.  Ring a friend who does not have much money and take them out to a theatre production. DAY 100

28.  Find out what a friends favourite cake is and make it especially for them for no particular reason at all. JULY 22nd

29.  Invite one of your friends out to a restaurant you have both never been to and order the weirdest thing on the menu. JUNE 27th

30.  Have a date with God – take him to dinner and thank him for things in your life. 20th NOV

31.  Go for a walk along the beach at night – almost dark. Take your shoes off and walk in the water. 12th DEC

32.  Make homemade bread and homemade soup and invite a family over to share it with. 11th JULY

33.  Send a friend a funny and encouragement packed message via Text. DAY 57

34.  When next out at a cafe with friends why don’t you instigate a toast to celebrate the week just gone by. Celebrate and notice the incidental victories that might have slipped by unnoticed if the toast hadn’t happened. JULY 25th

35.  Take a friend, who could do with some creative inspiration in their wardrobe, on a shopping adventure (op shops only). 11th NOV

36.  Write a letter from yourself at seventy to yourself right now. What do you need to tell yourself? What dreams would you tell yourself to pursue? What would you tell yourself to stop doing? What friendships would you tell yourself to cherish and look after? DAY 97

37.  Pick a bunch of lavender and put it in your bathroom. DAY 32

38.  Organise a treasure hunt with some of your closet friends. Have them end up at your house. Cook a simple but colour filled meal for them. JUNE 19th

39.  Lay on a blanket with your kids and watch the clouds. Ask the kids what they see?  AUGUST 5th

40.  Send a heartfelt letter to a family member with a memorable photo in the letter. JUNE 12th

41.  Buy a Polaroid camera and take it with you everywhere. Take photos and give them away, randomly celebrating the weird and wonderful moments of your everyday life. 11th NOV

42.  Take a batch of unusual but yummy homemade muffins to a meeting. DAY 61

43.  Have a vege garden and give away something from it. AUG 27th

44.  Jump on the internet and encourage someone via email. DAY 26

45.  Start to collect something that you like. DAY 79 – buttons!

46.  Buy a creative book for someone in your world. DAY 50

47.  Be a good neighbour and take over a batch of cookies or a cake. MAY 30th

48.  Buy a hard-working friend a take away coffee and drop it off to them. MAY 24th

49.  Spend an hour in silence. JULY 26th

50.  Put a love note in your husband’s lunch box. DAY 75

51.  Pay for someone’s coffee that you do not know. JULY 25th

52.  Buy a movie ticket for a friend and post it to them, with a note saying where to meet you. 9th DEC

53.  Look for a funny childhood picture of a friend or family member. Frame it and give it to them for no reason other than to celebrate family. SEPT 27th

54.  Write something and try to get it published or publish yourself. OCT 19th

55.  Make make all your presents this year.

56.  Light a candle and put on great music 9th JULY

57.  Find a project/recipe/idea on-line and do one of your own. 22nd JUNE

58.  Look for some inspiring cards and frame them. OCT 15th

59.  Read a magazine that you would not normally read. DAY 21

60.   Read a newspaper from another country. DAY 58

61.    Create an area in your home that is just for you ‘creative space’ – maybe a corner with a chair in it or a whole room! 11th OCTOBER

62.     Write a list of things you would like to do or achieve before you die – ‘Bucket List’. JUNE 5th

63. Choose a recipe book and cook every recipe in it. 11th DEC

64.  Make an appointment with yourself and describe yourself as a literary character. Describe your looks, your attitudes and your perceptions. Pay attention to what you are doing, how you are doing it, and what vibe you are giving to people around you. 5th NOV

65.  Get some old magazines and look through them and pull out anything that is attractive to you. Paste them in the book and write down why you like it. 4th JULY

66.  Write down your favourite saying or life values.

67.  Read your favourite book in the Bible and write down what new things you found.

68.  Learn to do something new. DAY 110

69.  Sew something you have never made before and give it away. DAY 77

70.  Create a piece of wall art. 22ND JUNE

71.  Create  a recipe. JUNE

72.  Make something for one/all of your children. Wrap it up and put it where they sit at breakfast time. DAY 105

73.  Write down 7 separate occasions in your life where you knew you were loved. Pause. Thank God for those times. JULY 17th

74.  Record 4 things that have been said to you in your life that has inspired you to succeed. DAY 117

75.  Make a daisy chain DAY 1

76.  Write something inspirational or copy something inspirational on lovely paper. Put it in an envelope and put it under someone’s wiper in a car park. DAY 88

77.  Think of someone in your life you appreciate, write to them or email or leave a message that says only the following: You are… (list 10 words) and when I am around you I feel/am (list 5 words). I love you. DAY 118

78.  Choose a photo of you and a friend. Cut it into a puzzle. Write something on each piece and send it to them piece by piece everyday for a week. 8th OCT

79.  List every colour you can think of. DAY 71

80.  Write down 100 things you are grateful for in your life. DAY 117

81.  If someone could describe you in 10 words what would you want those words to be? Write them down and read them every day this week. Ask God to help you grow into those words. DAY 14

82.  Write to any Grandparents or older family members you have to say you are thinking of them. JUNE

83.  Go outside in the rain and get really wet. 5th NOV

84.  Make 20 Christmas cards in October. Separate them into 4 bundles of 5.Give away three bundles. 31st OCT

85.  Buy two beautiful buttons put one on ribbon and wear it somewhere on yourself for a week. Send the other to someone creative you know and challenge them to do something with it. DAY 74

86.  Commit a chapter of the Bible to memory. 5th NOV

87.  Read a book you have always said you would read. DAY 44

88. Have a family meal by candle light. DAY 87

89.  Take baking to a person that you appreciate but pay for their services. E.g. hairdresser, doctor. Take it to your next appointment and simply give it to them and say Thanks. DAY 33

90.  Have a whole week with no TV. JULY 25th to AUG 1st

91.  When you notice someone as you are driving pray for them. Ask God what you should pray for. 2nd JULY

92.  Make an origami crane with a Bible verse inside. Hide it at someone’s house when you visit. With a piece of paper that says ‘open me’. JULY 26th

93.  Bake a cake for someone and go overboard decorating it with lollies. Take your children with you to deliver it. Put it at the door. Knock and run away to hide and watch it being collected. DAY 17

94.  Learn a fancy way to fold serviettes and do it randomly for dinner one night. JULY 18th

95.  Let the kids decide the dinner menu one night and help set the table and decorate it with whatever they want. AUG 16th

96.  Buy a song off iTunes. Play it loud and sing along. DAY 127

97.  Grow something from seed and give it away. DEC 14

98.  Turn off your mobile for a whole day (and night). DAY 132

99.  Enter a creative competition. SEPT 21st

100. This task has to be done at the end of this adventure – go somewhere for a night! Take your journal of the challenges with you and look back through it. (A girls weekend away) 4th DEC


9 responses

  1. Glad to see the list – I will get a contact high from watching you cross them off!

  2. There are definitely some items there that I could try. I will also send you a korean newspaper next time I have a parcel coming over!

  3. Great – I take it it isn’t all in Korean. I guess that would make it either very fats or very slow going!

  4. “4. Listen to classical music while doing the house work.”

    Tip for you, as I am a fan. Philip Glass whilst you vacuum clean. Bach and Beethoven for quiet chores.

  5. Thanks for those hints. I wasn’t sure you were a vacuumer by nature!

  6. Debbie Apostolides | Reply

    Oh only just seen the actual list. What a wonderful and inspiring set of challenges, I shall enjoy following you on this journey and I feel quite inspired by some of them myself.

  7. Well you have already contributed to my journey and inspired creativity in me! Let me know if you choose any challenges and how they go. 🙂

  8. Juggling Motherhood | Reply

    Thank you for entering my giveaway and your lovely comments. This is such a fantastic idea! I don’t know about you, but I find that when I share my goal with the “world”, that I am more inclined to do it 😉 I also appreciate the encouragement along the way…so here is my encouragement to you…”You are doing a great job! Very inspiring. I love the many cool things on your list! I will be visiting your blog again to see how you are going. Keep it up!”

    have a great one

  9. Awesome challenge. Has inspired me to do the same challenge for the first year after I turn 40. I start in the middle of November

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