Day 3

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge – 1 year 100 creative challenges!

The camping trip ended rather early when the lack of bowls packed for breakfast was discovered. Happily for me it meant I could make the Scottish Breakfast Pancakes p 54 for husband’s birthday breakfast. More like a pikelet in size and texture these were well received. Especially nice as we have Canadian maple syrup in the cupboard at present. Unfortunately due to user error the photo of these has gone forever and I can’t take another because we have eaten all the produce!

Master 1 yesterday helped me to make Daddy’s cake. This means I used the food processor and he banged a whisk on the bench. It was our first baking experience together and a moment to savour! Master 3 helped to decorate the cake – today that meant eating pebbles as fast as possible and adding sweets to the cake. See photo! This cake is such a winner – another c/o- the fabulous Sophie and from my book pg 77. Works every time, moist and easy peasy to make. On my wishlist though is a 20inch deep cake tin – having to compromise at present every time I make it.

Also yesterday finished off a baby feely mat for delicious new baby arrival. Each square is textured so baby can feel during tummy time. Back in super soft lovely brushed cotton. Made up a Cath Kidston bag that comes with her book ‘Sew’. Easy – think it will be a gift as I have rather a plethora of bags to my name!

Started making birds using a template from ‘Sew’ for what will be a baby mobile eventually. Photo of progress included.

Have a gorgeous day.


5 responses

  1. Nice work there creative lady. Thought I would endeavor to be the first to comment – so that you don’t have the Julie/Julia experience. Looking forward to reading about all of your exciting projects. x

    1. thanks for that! I have a comment!!!

  2. You are inspiring – thought I would be the first non family member to respond! Would love to know what all the challenges are, is there a list to see somewhere? May have to join. Already thought I would use Jamie Oliver’s ‘Jamie At Home’ or ‘Fleurs Place’ cookbook this year ala Julie/ Julia loved the movie. Haven’t set my goals for the year but this is just so awesome. All the best – love and hugs Annette

    1. yes I am planning on adding the list somewhere people can click into it to have a look. Would love to see what you would get up to creative lady!!! Thanks for visiting me!

      1. I’m aiming to make some serious damage to American Pie (pizza encyclopedia) and The Breadmaker’s Apprentice this year. I recommend reading Julie and Julia if you haven’t. The movie was delightful but the book always better!

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