Day 4

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge – 1 year, 100 challenges – 1/100 complete

Another gorgeous – 4 loads of washing – kind of day here. Baby mobile is complete. Details below. Not sure who for yet. Nice to have some things in the ‘present box’. Speaking of which the present box needs some contributions so I shall endeavour to get some pieces sorted. That impending rush of birthdays is resting on me and I don’t want to be departing from the challenges so early in the piece!

I will also do my best to get the list of challenges up by the end of the week too for you enthusiasts!

Lunch box cupcakes p70 completed. Haven’t eaten any yet. Still full of morning tea chocolate cake leftovers but I am pleased to have snack items. I’d like to have less packet items in the cupboards this year.

Cupcakes below. Will update on their popularity when we have consumed some. They gave my beaters a work out though. Mixture rather thick.

Happy, creative day to you.


One response

  1. great mobile! yummy cupcakes!

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