Day 5

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 creative challenges. 1/100 complete.

So I have discovered today that the quick breads from day 2 freeze very well and are nice to eat re-heated. A happy find! Today was Junior Jellies day p42. My first proper experience with gelatine I might add! Used pineapple juice and puree so I won’t be eating them. (Not a pineapple fan unless it’s pineapple lumps but that probably doesn’t count.) Master 3 thoroughly enjoyed his one for lunch. Master 1 hasn’t had a turn yet but he has had 2 cupcakes so those have his tick of approval (and mine).

Last night I also made some progress on one of our dining chairs. These are old family chairs that I have been too scared to do anything so I have lived with them in this appalling state instead. But times have changed and I have thrown caution to the wind. Armed with an old curtain I purchased for $2 and a trusty staple gun, pair of pliers and a claw thing that came from husbands garage I have un-upholstered and recovered the chair. It’s what could be described as ‘rustic’ in terms of its finish but I like it. It’s also a lot better than holes with stuffing coming out every where. I just have to decide if this counts for challenge 5 – get an old piece of furniture and re-design it.

Tonight I have had to shuffle the menu tonight because of a partly de-frosted chook. So Home Burgers p 17 it is. Will update on their success tomorrow.

Meanwhile I will be trying to get on to the present making wagon. Any inspiration appreciated. Oh and mama #2 (the challenge instigator will be online soon so I’ll link in to her – if I ever figure out how!).

Happy sunshine day to you.


6 responses

  1. The chair look fantastic. Can’t wait to get into covering mine now! Inspiring!

  2. That was meant to say “chairs” not “chair” in case I come over like an illiterate cyber stalker who can’t string a sentence together!

  3. He he he!!! Actually you know what’s exciting? When I click on your name it takes me to your fabulous website. Did you do that?

    1. No, but it asked if I had one so obviously it’s one of the hidden benefits of commenting on people’s blogs! Must do it more!

  4. chair looks great…. Now all I need is lessons from you so I can do our chairs. lol

    We feel like we are sitting on the toilet on almost every chair. They sag in the center.

    Hey you are welcome to come over and visit during the holidays sometime. Just call us first.

    1. Thankfully our chairs were actually quite okay spring-wise just dodgy in every other way. I’m sure you’d do a great job though – just make close friends with your staple gun!!!

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