Day 6

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge – 1 year, 100 challenges. 1/100 complete

The ‘Home Burgers’ were a huge hit. No photo because, well they were no work of art let me assure you! However for ease of making, reception and speed they score top marks. Tonight it’s a potato and rosemary dish to accompany the chook that is currently in the slow cooker.

Most exciting news for the day is the 10m of denim purchased to cover our couch. I am very excited by this. Said denim is currently flapping happily on our washing line. Call me sad but I LOVE our washing line. Old-school, study and big. What’s not to love. Washing lines should not be judged on appearances. Particularly if you have small children and use cloth nappies!

Master 3 and I have spent a happy afternoon making thank you cards for our Christmas presents but as he got into the swing of it he also decided who the cards would be for. Needless to say I need to purchase some more card. These cards (bought in a 6 pack with matching envelopes – colour picked by master 3) have dipped and food colouring dyed handy towels glued to the front. The dyed paper was done on another well organised day! Then Master 3 has decorated them with googly eyes and marker pen. A pleasing effect I think.

Photo below features his favourite, aptly named ‘The Party Card’.

Also exciting me today is the lend of ‘Dreaming of Dior’ book about a woman who received 3000 vintage dresses. The stories and illustrations – mmm luscious!

Happy day to you.


6 responses

  1. Well its the first week of the year and you have already been so productive. I am well impressed. I too love the birds and the food is sounding very successful too. I will put my thinking cap on about present ideas, but baking could always be a two-for-one deal (recipe achieved and gift in one). Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Yes Indeed I could. Some of the challenges are also baking so there could be some double ups indeed.

  3. I can’t believe how much you have done already. I picked blackcurrants from our garden yesterday and plan to make iced blackcurrant parfait from the ‘Fleurs Place’ book today. So it is a start! I have been making costumes for Midsummer so that counts for creativity big time!! I love the cards you and the children made. Whenever we do that they are received very well as they are made with such love. I would love to see the ‘dreaming of Dior’ book, sounds fabulous. I have just finished reading ‘All this and a bookshop too’ by Dorothy Butler. Her autobiography of raising 8 children and starting up the Childrens bookshop in Auckland, just magic, and amazing, well worth finding it to read. Your birds are cute. How about brooches as gifts – small and not much timematerials required but can be lovely – felted, embroidered, fimo, etc! possibilities are endless.

    1. Iced Blackcurrant Parfait sounds amazing. You can’t help but be creative! I would love to see what you’ve been doing with the costume making. As for the Dior book you are welcome to borrow it after I have finished. Unfortunately just drawings rather than photos of the gowns but still it’s all lovely.

  4. hey lovely lady!!! thanks sooooo much for the link to your blog – it is super gorgeous and super inspirational – i too have only managed to pick blackcurrants and raspberries….have a bit of glandular fever so its keeping me on the slow road at the moment – would love to catch up tho!
    have had a very exciting korero with the woman who runs trash fashion in kaikoura – they have an awesome wearable arts type fashion show running in june – wondered if you were keen???
    x0x0x0 justine

    1. Ohhh… I might be keen. Looks like our one won’t get off the ground this year so it might be perfect to enter and go to one instead. Will you enter? Thanks for visiting my blog and let’s talk wearable art some time soon!!!!

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