Day 7

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year – 100 creative challenges. 1/100 complete.

Today has been all about the kitchen. Last night’s Potatoes with Rosemary and Garlic p47 were delish. I should confess though I didn’t follow the olive oil quantities exactly and so there was a bit of fat splatter when I put the potatoes into the heated roasting pan with the oil. (Luckily I jump high). The smell of roasting rosemary is one to savour.

Tonight I cleverly did the Herby Chicken Cobbler p17. So I could use the stock and left over chicken from last night. Cobbler is one of those recipes everyone loves and enjoys but I don’t cook it much because there are too many things to do – pre-cooking veges, frying everything up and making the doughy topping. I guess laziness has its culinary downsides!

Today we also made the ‘End of Chicken Pox Celebration Cake’. We are pleased to see these leave and have a book where they do the same – and who am I to deny the delight of literary re-enactments! I used a butter cake recipe from the Common Sense Cookbook. Master 3 did the decoration, broke the eggs into the batter (a new skill) and helped with the beaters.

Then I also made Apple and Lemon Muffins – ala fabulous Sophie p54. I haven’t made these before but I’ll be making them again. They have chunks fo apple and lemon zest and they feel a lot like the eating apple shortcake I used to make at intermediate. Absolutely domestic bliss. Master 1 loved them too.

Tonight I am making inroads into what will be the denim couch. 2 handsome men have done the body demo and now I am about to make some changes. I will also try to post all the challenges but right now the call of the couch is strongest.

Details tomorrow I promise!


4 responses

  1. Your cake decorator did a fantastic job! Can’t wait to see the couch.

  2. Wow, you have been busy. The photo of Sam and the cake is so cute.

    1. Thanks – I think so but obviously I’m bias!

  3. Didn’t he! You will see it soon!

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