Day 8

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 challenges. 2/100 complete.

It’s been a foodie day here again. Mainly because I was completing 3 recipes for tonight’s meal. Frugal Flour Tortillas p22 , Mexican Seasoning p91 and Refried Beans p33 . I feel well impressed with making the seasoning – although it’s just measure and process it’s the fact it’s home-made. I won’t be buying those kits again! The re-fried beans were also a hit. They aren’t attractive looking. In fact they look like some sort of terrible paste – happily they taste great and adults and small people all consumed with enjoyment AND there are leftover tortillas for tomorrow lunch. Thanks Sophie!

The beans are a new attempt for me and one needs to be organised with the overnight soaking and 2-3 hour cooking time. Still we had fun finding the beans to buy, splitting the bag and weighing the produce – food can be about so much more than cooking and eating!

WE HAVE FINISHED THE COUCH!!! Joy and excitement! It meant a late night last night but with some careful work and the trusty staple gun tonight all is done. A new couch and a another challenge crossed off. Challenge 5 – re-design a piece of furniture. I am of course aware that I need to be averaging 2 challenges a week to make my Dec31st deadline and some will be ongoing.

So here is the great reveal – and from all angles too because usually the back would look like an accident in a fabric factory. For me this is perfect finishing. Husband thought maybe I should do the other lounge chairs too but variety is the spice of life and I hear other challenges calling. Unfortunately all that is calling me now is a messy kitchen so I away to tidy, SO un-creative!

Enjoy the couch!

5 responses

  1. The couch looks fantastic! I can’t wait to do my chairs now. You’ve done a really pro job there lady 🙂

  2. The couch looks wonderful! Glad I found your little spot on the web, very inspiring 🙂

    1. Hi there – thanks for that. I just checked you out. Looks like you have all sorts of crafty skills too so I’ll be getting inspired too! 🙂

  3. ok you have to come over and do my dining chairs… whens the best time for you?


    What a great job you are doing!

  4. Wow great job. Well done!

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