Day 9

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 creative challenges. 2/100 complete.

Tonight it is Chicken Laksa p19 – this is very much a first. We are certainly Thai, Indian, Asian flavour lovers but so far I haven’t ventured beyond a simple green curry. Happily this is also a recommended recipe ala the recipe page on this blog so my anticipation levels are high. Laksa here I come!

Now for something shallow! The other day I was wearing a home-made brightly coloured dress when I was stopped by an older woman to say I looked stunning. (Not a regular occurence particularly when accompanied by my definitely stunning and half-the-size sister.) I told her I made it and we had a lovely chat. Then yesterday wearing another brightly coloured little jacket I had made someone else made the point of stopping me to comment on it. Aside from the compliment high I am on from these events it did make me think a couple of things.

1. I need to make sure I wear the fun clothes I make and have fun with the way I dress because I’m not the only one who appreciates it.

2. Clothing is a great connector. We can say something nice to someone about what they are wearing and have one of those lovely moments when we connect with a total stranger and share a pleasant moment together.

3. Getting compliments from strangers feels lovely and I should do that more often instead of thinking something nice without saying it. Saying it might be the best thing that happens in someones day.

So clothing is not as shallow as it might seem! Well certainly it is shallow but it is fun, it expresses who we are and it’s not all sweat shops and consumption (especially when it is home-made). I have endeavoured this year to put in a bit more effort to the way I dress and I think there needs to be some creative investment into some more garment creation. No doubt you’ll be kept in the loop with that.

There are some, actually there are rather a lot, of lovely pieces of fabric in boxes that would love to be stitched to adorn my womanly form so I need to get them out!

My mind is whirring! Time to have a little browse through my patterns me- thinks!


3 responses

  1. I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say, where are the photos of the aforementioned outfits?!

  2. Debbie Apostolides | Reply

    Can we see pictures of said dress and jacket?

  3. Debbie Apostolides | Reply

    Oh! Someone just said that, sorry!

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