Day 10

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 creative challenges. 2/100 complete

Ok, So I will try to take some photos of mentioned clothing items but this will need assistance of lovely man – I will use my persuasive powers.

Chicken Laksa was fantastic thank you Sophie!! Husband spent entire meal asking about how easy it was to make and making plans for an ‘Asian Fusion’ dinner party and what would be on the menu. While I have no problem with this in theory my favourite things to make are desserts and I’m not a lover of those so it might have to be Asian Fusion  with European influence! Have included a photo of the Laksa for your viewing pleasure.

You’ll be pleased to know all that thinking of clothes sent me outside instead where I painted the letter box. To date our letter box has sported a bad yellow/gold with the edges in dark brown – what possessed anyone to think of that as a stylish combination is beyond me! It is now a burgundy colour – which is rather boring but it matches the blinds and our car and it was the colour of spray paint I had in the shed. As my first experience of spray painting I am quite impressed with my efforts but have no desire to turn to tagging as a creative outlet rest assured.

This morning I finished a ‘memory board’ for the present box (not that it will fit!) It is covered in really cute fabric with criss-crossing ribbon to tuck photos, notes, ideas etc underneath and hangs on the wall.

I also spent last night cutting out little pieces of fabric to mix with large denim squares for a quilt/throw I want to make. Yes I do appreciate denim  but I also have a special place in my heart for see-through, floaty fabric but it’s not so good for quilts.

Tonight is a real Sunday tea, which means snacky, not too much effort required and no vegetable count done. Although having said that it is mini toads in the hole p36 and Grilled veges p47 so quite balanced really.

So a productive weekend by all counts especially as husband also managed to paint the laundry and Master 1 came out in chicken pox! No resting here! Time to look at the challenges again and make some decisions about what to complete this week.

So there it is a full week in and into double digits. Hope creative inspiration is finding you too.


2 responses

  1. Asian fusion dinner party? Sounds good, but how about a football party? complete with cake and beer…

  2. The cake sounds appealing but the rest isn’t doing it for me! I know SOMEONE who might be keen!

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