Day 11

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 challenges. 2/100 complete.

Day 11! We’ll after 3 hours sleep last night I’m pleased to say I stayed on track with the recipes required for today.

The 3 hours sleep was due to the arrival of Chicken Pox for master 1 – unfortunately with the amount he has they do need capital letters. So I repeat to myself ‘this too shall pass’. Poor little fellow.

Todays recipes were the delicious ‘Magic Chicken Pies’ p22 and ‘Spiced Apple Cake’ p67 . I took some liberties with the pies. Taking liberties with a recipe is not unusual for me and unlike many kitchen experts I don’t believe baking is an exact art. I believe it’s a creative process. This may explain why I am not a master chef likely winner! With these yummy little pies I changed the milk for coconut cream and the thyme for curry powder so it does change things somewhat. However they were well received so I shall congratulate both Sophie and I for that effort! I made a double batch of them because I was on meal delivery for new arrival, as mentioned on Jan 1st.

The spiced apple cake looked and smelt good and was easy to make. But it was delivered as dessert with the meal so no feedback on its actual taste.

I have started working on Challenge 81 – choose 10 words I would like to be descriptors of who I am. I have thought of rather a large list of words and now I need to select my top 10. This is an interesting process because one realises that to ‘become’ these words work and effort is required. No one (at least I haven’t met anyone yet) is a naturally patient, good listener who puts others first. These things need determined self-discipline. With this in mind I want to really think carefully about these words and choose ones that I want to characterise who I am.

How about thinking of these things too? Which words would you most want associated with you. Does it matter who thinks them – friends, family members, colleagues, strangers? When I complete my list I’ll let you know. As for tonight I think a bit of sewing and a lot of resting is on the cards for me.

So there it is good food and character questioning – not bad for a lot less sleep than this mama requires!


3 responses

  1. I think you can say you are naturally compassionate and not a lot of people in the world can, and your verbal communication skills are spectacular. Someones got to talk to keep all those ‘good listeners’ employed!

  2. Debbie Apostolides | Reply

    Hope the chicken pox is not too nasty. My words for you are: kind, vibrant, original, happy, beautiful, loud and very much alive!!! (With not too much thought)

  3. Ohh.. thanks ladies!! 🙂 Made my day.

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