Day 12

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 creative challenges. 2/100 complete.

Today felt like an uncreative day – especially when there is no recipe to share. It was takeaways after a late dr appointment. However, I have spent some time with my trusty spray can! We have a family art wall and there was some of Master 3’s dyed handitowels in a dodgy wooden frame that was not in keeping with the others so today I gave it the spray can treatment.

Also I have asked lovely husband to take photos of clothing mentioned on earlier post and he has, of course, obliged. The jacket is well cropped because, though obliging and talented his forte is not photography and I had to crop out an unfortunately placed large wooden doorknob. I’ll say no more about that. So, these are the dress and jacket I was wearing. Nothing super special but happy and me-ish so I guess that’s all that is required really.

Other creative pursuits today were pretty limited although Master 3 had some fun taking photos of us all and various other things around the house. I love the digital camera thing – means everyone can be a photographer without the cost of developing it all. This is especially handy when masters 1 & 3 are not the sit quietly in one spot for photo types.

I also tidied our gorgeous wall to wall bookshelf and while I can assure you tidying does NOT fit into my definition of creativity it does make me happy to look at all my lovely books looking so happy and uncluttered (if bookshelves can be defined that way?).

I have also made some progress on my 10 words list. So far I have selected 2. Inspiring and Encouraging. Inspiring because I’d like to be that way in a lot of areas of my life – creatively, as a mother, in my faith, as a performer…. and Encouraging because I’d always like people to leave my presence (or my blog for that matter) feeling like they can do good things and have an impact. I think these two go together because some people are inspiring but so far ‘out there’ that it can be overwhelming and unattainable and encouraging people can be all warm fuzzy with no example. So that’s words one and two. I’ll keep you informed as others come to hand!!!

Happy creative day to you.

7 responses

  1. You are a very creative person and this is fun to read. I have 2 requests
    1. A photo of master 1(maybe even spotty!)
    2. Keep it up, you are a star.

    Mum xx

  2. Thanks! 🙂 Not a Julie and Julia – what are you doing this for comment in sight!!!!

  3. Glad you corrected your spelling of Blog – Alex was going to say he always feels encouraged leaving a bog! Not sure you can say the same for the bog!

  4. Oh and foxy photos lady – with or without the door knob!

  5. Oh yes I noticed the bog comment and had rather a laugh to myself!!! I hope it hasn’t offended any of the readership! 🙂

  6. Love the hacket and dress. After spending 3 weeks near Takaka camping I am very inspired to sew. Nelsonians are so arty farty and their range of gorgeous skirts had my sister and I peering very carefully into the garments to see exactly how they did what they did. If you ever get the chance, please take a stroll down the main street of Takaka and have a nosey at Wildflower and Maruiposa- fantastic clothes made with gorgeous fabrics that had me thinking where in the world do they source their material.

  7. mmmm – sounds lovely. I want to do a bit more clothing next.

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