Day 13

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 creative challenges. 2/100 complete.

Today held some culinary disappointments. For master 3 it came when he asked for a chow-chow sandwich for lunch. Needless to say he wont order that again. It’s a tough but necessary realisation that pretty in the jar doesn’t always equal good in a sandwich. I remember clearly a similar moment when I experimented with the theory if a little nutmeg tasted wonderful on semolina surely a lot of nutmeg would taste even better. It didn’t.

My culinary disappointment took the form of my relaxed approach to measuring biting me on the rear-end. My ‘Muesli Bars’ p42 could better be described as sugary muesli crumble. Actually it would probably make a lovely crumble topping – there it is a silver lining! Masters 1&3 have already had their share of muesli bar disaster silver lining this afternoon straight from the pan.

The ‘Bean and Sausage Casserole’ p24 was another matter entirely. Although I must confess I find it hard to feel excited or inspired by anything with bean and sausage in the title husband and 2 sons are a different story. 2 people had seconds and there was much contented smacking of lips going on. It goes to show that comfort food is subjective and that Sophie can be trusted.

Most exciting news today is the purchase of fabric to cover one of the lounge chairs – I know I wasn’t going to but husband’s request and interest in sending me to a fabric shop was too unique an experience to pass up. I think I’ll keep it secret just what I purchased but it is very fun and most un-denim. I meant to say too the denim couch was a freebie and the fabric and piping cost me $38 NZ so I think that’s a bit of a bargain really. The chair I am going to cover is 3rd hand so very free and the fabric was on sale so hopefully without any unforseen mistakes/disasters the chair cover expedition will come in under $ 32 NZ.

I’ll keep you posted.

Keep creating – happiness, kindness, moments of connection and love – these are all masterpieces.

5 responses

  1. I had the same issue with Muesli bars today too (Alison and Simon Holst from Meals Without Meat)! Something in the water maybe. My theory is that I’ve changed my homemade peanut butter recipe and it no longer makes the toffee binder with the honey and oil. I was very annoyed – but it will be great toasted muesli! Looking forward to seeing the chair.

  2. Sausage caserole eh?

  3. You should get the recipe Mum! 😉

  4. After all a lifetime of sausage casserole on a Monday night you must be missing it! You set such a high standard for sausage casserole but with Sophie’s help I’ll get there too!

  5. I doubt you can beat Maggi Devilled Sausages. Did you add MSG for example!

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