Day 14

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 creative challenges. 3/100 complete.

Well I know it isn’t nice to boast but I got a parcel today!!!! And it had gorgeous Cath Kidston fabric in it all the way from lovely Debbie in London. Wahoo! I love parcels, I love fabric, I love Debbie – it’s a trifactor or a hat-trick or some other sporting term that I have little understanding of. I have included a photo for you so you can join me in my joy.

I spent the morning assembling a ‘little tikes fire engine crazy coupé’ – here brings me to my current dilemma – is this creative? I had a product at the end of it constructed from various pieces. It doesn’t really feel like creativity to me but then really how is it different from following a recipe, a sewing pattern, or any other set of ‘creative’ instructions. I’d say there is not a clear answer as to what makes something creative rather than constructive but I think part of me feels it isn’t really creative until I have deviated in some way from the instructions. Herein lies the problem with yesterdays muesli bars!

Enough pondering… You will see I have now completed 3 challenges. My list of 10 words is complete. I have to start by saying there was some fierce competition and there are lots of things I would really like to be described as. The final selection are words I don’t think are beyond my natural tendencies with some effort and focus. They are the words I think it would make me feel very happy to be described as and when you are a feelings kinda gal you just got to let those feelings rule from time to time. So Challenge 81 – choose 10 words you would like to be described as.

Plain list first. (In no special order)

1. Inspiring

2. Encouraging

3. Wise

4. Kind

5. Original

6. Funny

7. Creative

8. Genuine

9. Generous

10. Noble

So there they are and now I will give you a little glimpse into the choices.

1&2 I did the other day. Wise – I’ve always wanted to be wise not in a full of knowledge way but in a makes good choices, has good understanding of people and their emotions and choices. Kind – kindness I think is so influential. When we are kind to people we overlook their faults, we treat them with dignity, we affirm them. To me kindness as a way of treating people fully equates to the golden rule. Original – I want to be fully me. The quirky, different, slightly odd and unique person I was designed to be. As soon as I compare myself to others I have lost sight of what the Creator intended me to be – ME. Funny – laughter brings joy and health and I’d like to bring a little to every place I go. Creative – working on that! Genuine – I’d like to be the kind of person who says ‘yes’ and means it, who faces up to mistakes and who isn’t false. (I don’t mind fluffy and frou-frou!). Generous – with my time, talents, resources and most of all with my love of others. No holding back here folks. Noble – okay I realise this may conjure up a vision of a horse and a knight/nobleman. But I mean noble in this sense (borrowed) ‘The noble man makes noble plans and by noble deeds he satnds’. That kind of person who acts with integrity and honour in all her dealings.

SO that’s the list.

Currently cooking is a Bacon Wrapped Pork Loaf p25 and waiting their turn Scalloped Potatoes p47. With its bacon wrapping I have a feeling the loaf with be received with special delight!

Bit of a novel today. Still it was a whole challenge in there. Thanks for all the lovely comments by the way. Big generous portion of love to you.


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  1. I think this is a very apt description of you, and you becoming the ‘best you’ you can be.

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