Day 15

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 creative challenges. 3/100 complete.

Today I made ‘Aromatic Rice’ p29 when I tasted it in the pot I thought it was ok but not raveable however my taste buds are obviously a little off. Husband (and I) both had seconds and Master 1 absolutely hoed into it. Which surprised me because it does have a little kick. So I will be freezing the leftovers in Master 1 sized portions. incidentally those silicon muffin trays are brilliant for such events. When weaning, now master 3, husband came up with this idea after I had cracked several ice-cube trays trying to get the vege purees out. (Obviously I made my baby food being a too-cheap to buy the stuff in the jar and tree-hugging hippy that I am!)

My creative thoughts today have revolved around the use what you have concept. So I picked a large bunch of rhubarb from our 3 prolific plants and used the ‘mueslie bars’ I made the other day to top them. Rhubarb cooking is so much more enjoyable since I started to use scissors to cut it instead of a knife. Included some pictures of the rhubarb looking lovely. Homegrown produce.



On the same line I thought I’d share pictures of a  large quilt I made last year using the ‘whatever you have’ idea. The front is made from a duvet cover I no longer liked, a genuine retro family linen cupboard single sheet and some off-cuts from a skirt I made. The quilt is backed in some unbleached calico I was given when my mother in law went through her sewing room. The quilt is bound in some packets of old binding that a friend was getting rid of. I did buy the wadding and some of the thread. All in all though a pretty cheap event.

The Quilt

Quilt Reverse Detail

Quilt Detail

Just goes to show that the leftovers, mistakes, unloved pieces and garden offerings can indeed be creative inspiration.

Off to do a bit more work on the chair. (Motivation low – effort and thought needed!) Once that is finished I can keep working on my denim and scrap quilty thing. (Motivation High – faster project!!)

7 responses

  1. Could I read those rhubarb comments as little hints??

  2. great quilt! I’ve really got to finish mine I started last year….. hey when is the group getting together again? Are we waiting till Feb?

    1. Thanks – got to get on to that. I can see it being early Feb by the time I get it sorted!

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