Day 16

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 challenges. 3/100 complete.

Today I prepared to cross off the next challenge by making bubble mix. Also ala Sophie but from her second book. The good thing was it made lots so master 3, master 1 and ‘Henry’ (a sock) enjoyed playing with the bubbles.

Tonight was ‘Devilled Meatballs’ p25 . I am not actually sure what ‘devilling’ is in the food world but these were very good. We called in some back up for eating as the recipe served 6-8. They were very good. The most difficult part of the recipe was rolling the bite sized meatballs as the mixture seemed to go on and on. I’ll definitely make these again. Morish and in a nice sauce they were a nice meal to have on a day that is anything but summery.

Also included the new lounge chair – yay! It was much tricker than the couch but I am well pleased with the result and I love the aesthetic. It’s a bit country I guess but also quirky and happy in a school uniform-ish kind of way. Before and after shots included. I think you’ll agree the after is an improvement. Also I have enough fabric left to craft a new project for a ‘Princess Party’ master 3 is invited to next weekend.

Chair - before

The New Chair


Now it’s time for a relax with a DVD and my favourite man. There’s something lovely about a cold night, well covered chairs and snuggling under quilts that makes this mama happy!

4 responses

  1. Nice work! Looks cute. But tell me truly, aren’t you secretly wanting to do the other chair now too having made such a good job on this one and the couch?! 😉

  2. PS I’m fairly certain “deviled” just means spiced FYI.

  3. Okay there is a little bit of that. BUT not until the right fabric comes along!!!! 🙂

  4. […] I re-covered this year in 2010 (my first year of blogging) and although  I liked it at the time it never really worked. Here is the results first time. […]

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