Day 17

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 creative challenges. 5/100 complete

That’s right folks 2 challenges completed today! Challenge 9 – Make bubble mixture and also Challenge 93 – make a cake with a lolly overload and then deliver it anonymously. I made the bubble mix yesterday and then today the cake was made. Along with this I also used those annoying twisty ties they put around little people toys in the packaging to hold them in place, to make a bubble wand. As well as these items I put together a ‘Date in a Box’. I’m pretty sure this is a concept that was invented by my sister and I where a bag/box is filled with treats for a couples night in DVD, Snacks etc. Along with this I write a set of rules about how the date is to go. Master 3 and I were all primed up and ready for delivery except we were discovered on arrival. Thankfully the family played along gorgeously and closed their eyes while we hid in the bush! It was such a treat to do this with master 3 because it makes you realise the rush of unexpected kindness to people. In this case, very deserving people.


Cake and Bubbles


Today I also made ‘Bulk Bake Mix’ p70 to be honest I expected not to dig this. It all felt a bit like baking from a box which isn’t really my usual vibe. However it was actually really quick to put together and I have already used it to make 2 batches of ‘Muffins’ p72 . The joy with the muffins is you can flavour them however you choose. I did chocolate and orange for the first ones. All males in the house have consumed and approved and then dried apricot and dark chocolate chips – untasted sent them off in the date in a box.

For dinner we had ‘Individual Pizzas’ p39. Normally we use those very thin pita bases for pizza and husband commented that the bases for these would be the best homemade he’s ever had. Although he does still prefer the usual – man of routine! The bases were quick and easy to make and they lend themselves very well to individualising the toppings. In fact I am already thinking they would make a great party – a pizza party. I’ll keep you posted if I deviated from the ‘no friends only family’ before 5 birthday party rule.

Tonight I think I need to start getting the birthday party gift ready for next Sunday in case the week gets hectic. I already have the beans soaking for tomorrows ‘Smart Chilli’. If you’ve just joined in welcome on board and remember check the challenges and set one for yourself.


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