Day 18

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 creative challenges. 5/100 completed.

Today was ‘Smart Chilli’ p33 day. It was actually lovely and I’m not much of a Mexican eater. Master 1 had Aromatic Rice leftovers and I think there might be a bit too much kick for Master 3 as well. The chilli itself is quick and easy to do but preparing the beans (overnight soaking, 2.5hr simmering) is a bit time-consuming. I think next time I make it – and there will be a next time – I’ll double the mixture and freeze it.

Also today I used the Bulk Bake Mix to whip up some date ‘Scones’ p72. The book doesn’t specify any flavouring ideas or options but who wants a plain scone???? So I added a bit of brown sugar, some cinnamon and dates. The dates worked well and were very tasty but didn’t rise a lot so next time I won’t roll them as thinly as recommended.


Last night I made some progress on the denim, scrap quilt. Not complete yet but I can’t see it being too far away. I did complete gift for birthday party – at least the homemade bit anyway. I made the apron using the Cath Kidston shape from her book Sew! but I made it my own. It is reversible with the other side being red with the name stitched into it. You may recognise the gingham from the lounge chair I covered! Accompanying this will either be cookie cutters or some other ‘kitcheny’ item/s.

Over the next few days we’re on the big push to get Master 3’s room painted so I imagine the creativity might wane a little but there are always the new recipes to keep us going! Master 1 and I had some fun with the digital camera today. He was trying to replace the lens cap, eat the lens and see the photos before I took them simultaneously. Here are a couple that made me laugh!

Camera Fun

More Camera Fun

Hope to cross off another challenge tomorrow – we shall see. Happy creating.

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  1. Lovely shots of master 1. Glad he finally made the cut spots and all.

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