Day 20

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 challenges. 6/100 complete

Today it is ‘Red Lentil Bolognaise’ p34 at our house. Fairly quick, cheap and easy to whip up – which are all good qualities in my book. I cleverly used our large sieve to drain the lentils as the colander would have flushed them all through. Apart from a taste disaster I can’t see what wouldn’t work about pasta and sauce in this family.

I also began in-roads into the next challenge I am doing. Challenge 59 – to read a magazine I wouldn’t normally read. I’ll start by giving you an outline of what I would normally read – House and Garden types, preferably the ones that feature a range of interesting and interestingly decorated HOMES rather than the ones full of houses that look a lot like ice-cubes and really suit the description HOUSE, Fashion ones including things like Burda – preferably ones where you can see the clothes and there are lots of clothes – no thanks to make-up, health and beauty. Crafty ones – especially practical and inspiring ones and anything that combines all the above – like World Sweet World! So although it was tempting to pick a magazine in these categories, but one I hadn’t read before, I resisted!

As a result I selected from the food section. Now it’s fairly obvious I do like food but usually food mags don’t feature enough sweets for me or they are too high brow. Bravely I chose one called ‘healthy food guide’ which let’s be honest sounds a lot like being prescribed tablets the size of horse tranquilizers. You know it might be good for you but really it just makes you want to gag. A very un-inspiring title if every there was one. They could have at least picked something like – Food to Give you a Dreamy Body, or Food So Fresh it Could Jump Up and Kiss You, or Food that Makes Your Body Love You….(feel free to add suggestions). It sounds a bit like Consumer for food but it has to be more interesting than something like Boating or the like at least I hope so! So you can look forward to my un-bias review.

Of course I did also get some Vogue Living magazines and some Burda magazines too (all from the library). As the saying goes ‘just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine – read healthy food guide – go down. Master 3’s room painting finished so I think it’s time for a little patchwork!


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  1. Roll on the patchwork. When do we see some photos of it I ask?

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