Day 21

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 challenges. 7/100 complete

Yay – another challenge complete. Challenge 59 – to read a magazine I wouldn’t normally. I chose the Healthy Food Guide. Magazine with the world’s most boring title! As it turns out it was a lot like Consumer for food with its myth busting, fact finding approach, with a bit of weight watchers (minus before and after photos), menu planning, and cost effect recipes thrown in as well. I have to say there were some recipes I would use in there and the cheap eats recipes were good along with the feature article on hosting a meal. However a magazine that takes a gorgeous gluten-free calorie buster recipe and makes it ‘good’ probably doesn’t really work with my general food aesthetic.

Tonight I made ‘Kenyan Fish Pie’ p20 which meant I also had to make ‘Quick Flaky Pastry’ p72. Hello quick flaky pastry – my new best friend. SO quick to make, so lovely, easy to roll. That is a page that will soon be well covered in food marks. Husband was planning a berry pie using the pastry while he ate dinner. The Kenyan Fish Pie was also very good. I made it without the capers and parsley suggested because I don’t like either very much and it’s my kitchen! Also quick to make it is the first time I have poached fish and to do it in milk somehow made me feel very gourmet! Masters 1 and 3 assisted with the pie being put together. You can see them both ready for pastry rolling below!

Ready to Help


Now How Best to Roll?


I have also come to the conclusion that Sophie and I are working with very different ovens. The 30min bake time for the pie ended up being 20min burn time (thankfully salvageable). I confess here this is not the first burn time I’ve had from a Sophie recipe.

I had a lovely virtuous parenting moment today when taking Masters 1 and 3 to the supermarket for a quick fish dash (mix up with fish delivery day!) they both left clutching a ‘treat’ for Master 1 this consisted of Budget Water Crackers and Master 3 ‘Meal Mate’ crackers. Bless them!

More work on the patchwork tonight but I shan’t do early show and tell so I hope you had ‘Patience’ as one of your top 10 list.


3 responses

  1. I’m sure I speak for all of us when I respond to the photos with “Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww”!

  2. good for you for trying to make pastry…. I don’t like doing it, it takes too long and too fiddly.

    You are making great progress at your challenges too.

  3. Thanks for that. This pastry is SO easy. Not even any rubbing butter into flour.

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