Day 23

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 creative challenges. 7/100 complete.

Today I attempted 3 recipes – Mexican Salsa p88, Butter Bean Croquettes p34 and Green Bean and Bacon Salad p46 . The salsa was a breeze to make, especially as I cheated and made it in the food processor. It has a good kick but that’s more about my liberal hand with the Mexican seasoning I think. The BBCs were interesting. I’m not quite sure how I was expected to mash the beans so I resorted to my trusty friend the processor again. This may be the reason the texture didn’t hold together that well. Taste wise they were lovely but mine ended up being mini-patties and they were on the crumbly side of firm. The Salad wasn’t hugely successful but I was racing by this time as Master 1 was hanging (literally) off the side of his high chair demanding food. Master 3 gagged on a lettuce leaf so it was indeed high dramas! No photos unfortunately – not works of art tonight!

The patchwork is coming along and I don’t think there will be too much longer to wait on that!

Big news today on the family radar was the first ‘Family Game’ purchase. Having family games to play together is something I want to foster as the boys grow up so today when I saw 30% off I couldn’t hold back from splashing out on ‘Hungry, Hungry Hippos’. It is already providing great delights to Master 3 and I can forsee many happy hours on this game.

Playing as a family is a treat I never want to get over.


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  1. Master 3 on the phone told me about Hungry Hippos about four times in a row and assured me “It’s a lovely game” and wanted to know if I had Hungry Turtles! It sounds like it’s paying for itself already 😀

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