Day 24

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 creative challenges. 7/100 complete

I love the feeling of new beginnings and change. That 1st of January feeling. The beginning of a new thing. It’s the anticipation and the sense of what might be. It’s a new sheet, a blank canvas … I feel this may be a reason I love the beginning of new projects so much. I start with such an excitement about what could/will be then somewhere during the process the newness wears off and I have to struggle to the end. This year I plan to get to the end of the 100 challenges and whether I limp or sprint over the finish I want to cross.

Today I used the bulk bake mix to make ‘Pancakes’ p72. These were lovely. Not as crepe-like as husband (pancake maker extraordinaire) but lovely and slightly buttery. Masters 1 & 3 loved them and husband was delighted and surprised to get them for his breakfast after we gave him a Sunday morning sleep-in. (Usually it’s the Mama sleeping in this household). At lunchtime with unplanned lunch visitors I used the trusty BBMix to make up some date scones as well – not rolled too flat this time.

Tonight it was ‘Chicken Risotto’ p30 which I almost didn’t do after a 4yr old party and not getting home until 4.40pm. This house is an eat not long after 5 house as a rule. The risotto was quick, easy, creamy and super filling. Although I love risotto with 2 littlies around the ladling one spoon at a time it too labour intensive and requires too much focus usually. This one is a winner in that regard. Add all the liquids at once and let it simmer. Perfect. This is one I would use on a weeknight too. Also my first entry into the world of evaporated milk. Exciting times.

It feels a bit re-miss to have gone so many days without a photo. I will try to make enough progress on the patchwork tonight that I have something to show you tomorrow.

Until then – JOY – in the doing, in the being and in the people we love!


4 responses

  1. I did Challenge 16 today. I made a spicy plum chutney. I have grey hair so I’m keeping most of it. However, Mum has grey hair too and the plums were off her tree so she’ll probably get a jar too!

  2. Nice work. I might have to sort out a page with challenges completed by others!

  3. I am totally into your blog now and enjoying following each challenge. The photos are great too. I’m looking forward to sampling some of the recipes. It all seems great fun with the help of master3 and master 1!

  4. Yes – they are lovely little helpers. Sampling is encouraged!

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