Day 25

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 creative challenges. 7/100 complete.

Today was what a summer day should be sunny, good breeze, warm but not too hot – glorious! 7 loads of dry washing to fold but hey they are clean and dry!

Today I knocked off another 3 recipes. ‘Steamed Greens with Honey Dressing’ p46 – basically good old steamed vege but then topped with a delicious and very quick warm dressing. Not that I have anything against plain steamed veges but the are a little ‘biege’ for this family. If success is measured in empty plates we were a 100% rate and people looking for more. I think that is a firm success. With the greens we had ‘Cheeky Chicken Nuggets’ p40 which are very much the kind of vibe we subscribe to here. Something you can pick up and eat with your fingers (having dipped it in a required condiment first!). Again, all eaten and appreciated by all ages.

Muesli p41

I also made ‘Muesli’ p41 today as well. This is exciting because this mama is the kind that orders muesli when she goes out for breakfast. If I lived alone it would be a lot of muesli 3 times a day before I got sick of it and started cooking. It made a nice big batch and Master 3 kindly let me put some of his dried apricots in it. Master 3 and I have already had some for afternoon tea and we like it. So Sophie wins again. I must get around to scanning the cover and adding it to the recipes page incase any of you want to get a copy.

Today I also purchased two quintessential kiwi tea-towels which will be made into ‘tote’ bags for some family overseas. In keeping with the homemade gift challenge. I will post evidence when complete. I’m up to the binding on the patchwork-y piece so if I work hard tonight I might just post a completed picture tomorrow!

I will leave you with these images which go to show that creative play and kitchen floors are a perfect match. Master 3 informed me he was making chicken pies and Master 1 was making chocolate cake. I dream of the days ahead when they will be serving them to me fresh from the oven!

A night at the sewing machine for me and hopefully another challenge down tomorrow…..

We Are Baking

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2 responses

  1. Hi Miriam – love the photos. It’s great to see all your creativity. I have just finished making a dress with my new sewing machine so I’m feeling the creativity love myself.

  2. Happy Days! A new sewing machine lovely lovely!

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