Day 26

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 creative challenges. 8/100 complete.

Another challenge down. Challenge 44 – encourage someone via email. This is something I would hope I do anyway without the challenge but sometimes intentionally setting yourself the task helps to make it more important. I emailed a friend who I really admire but I’m not sure I’ve really told her that. Enough said, challenge complete. Might sneak a few more of challenge 44 in though during the year.

I also received someone else’s challenge 2 days ago I got a challenge 33 delicious text from a wonderful woman. So the challenges are spreading!

Last night I finished the patchwork throw. (No batting in it so officially it isn’t a quilt FYI). I backed it with soft brushed cotton. Aside from the binding which I purchased and used the love-heart stitching on my lovely sewing machine to attach, this piece is 100% recycled, from the stash I have or hand me down pieces. Lots of the squares are made from left-overs from other project, some from a worn out sheet and others from fabric off cuts from sewing projects and some very retro pieces. In the centre of each mixed fabric square I have sewn a button (also from the stash). I love buttons! My little joy at the moment is letting Master 3 pick a button for himself/the collection whenever we go to a fabric shop. There is nothing like the feelings remembered when going through old button jars/tins to make me feel nostalgic. The denim squares are all from cut up jeans and on some of the squares I have embroidered one of my ‘Top Ten’ words from challenge . So now I will be reminded of who I am growing into whilst I snuggle.

Today was ‘Basic Soup’ p46 day. I decided to make this for myself as there has been a lack of red meat in the family diet of late which I decided needed to be fixed. (Made a gorgeous stew in the slow cooker for dinner). This meant I could make whatever soup flavour I liked so I went for minted pea. The soup is quick and easy to make. It would make a good entrée for a grown-up dinner party. Today I also made a coconut and chocolate slice from another book because I felt a need for some sticky baking in the house, as I do!

After some tasks tonight I think there isn’t really time to give to the bags so I will start and finish them tomorrow. In sticking with the theme of giving and receiving encouragement I will leave you with a quote I like.

Censure does much but encouragement does more. Encouragement after censure is as the sun after a shower.

Go shine – spread some sunshine!


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  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! So cool – especially the pocket. Great to finally see it 😀

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