Day 28

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 creative challenges. 8/100 complete.

Tonight we had fish again after last week’s confusion I didn’t have a recipe chosen from Sophie, or anyone, so I chose a new recipe from a Jo Seager Book I was given for Christmas. This is good progress for me. Usually I would have gone straight back to the recipe I use for fish every time. I think this recipe book challenge has really made me realise I can cook  many different things and that I can extend my range of recipes in a huge way without it being daunting or difficult. I made the Lemon Fish recipe from the Jo Seager book and complemented it with the lovely vegetable dressing on steamed veges that I made the other night. Another no battle dinner – Hooray! (If you don’t count the effort to get Master 3 to the table when he wanted to be dancing instead!)

Today we had some fun making play dough (from Sophie’s second book). Master 3 wanted it to be pink. By some wonderful occurence – food colouring can be so temperamental – we got the loveliest ‘ballet pink’ result. Ballet pink is that lovely light pink that is slightly peacher than baby pink and not so sickly as candy floss pink. I realise I may have lost any male readership with that last sentence – I do apologise! Master 1 gave the play dough his culinary twice over – didn’t seem that bothered by it either time and Master 3 made great inroads into rolling the dough flat enough to make proper cut-outs. I have to say kneading warm ballet pink play dough straight from the pot at the bench with 2 little men watching closely is such a happy feeling.

Today I also finished reading the ‘Dreaming of Dior’ book I mentioned a while ago and I am inspired. I think I need more dresses in my wardrobe. They always look like you’ve put effort into how you dress but they are actually easier because you don’t have to put anything with them.

The fabric stash was inaccessible last night but it is out tonight and I am going to cut something, anything, out tonight. Yes, yes I am back to clothes again, at least for tonight!


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