Day 29

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 creative challenges. 8/100 complete.

Last night I managed to cut out fabric for 2 new projects. What is really exciting is: for both projects I am using fabric I have been given and owned for ages. I have this thing about some fabrics, often ones I am given. Sometimes I like fabric so much I can’t decide what to do with it. I can’t take a risk and just whip something up because it is too special. Here I must also confess on the few occasions I have played Scrabble I still have my blanks left at the end of the game (and I’ve probably lost as well!) So last night I spent a good deal of time saying hello to some lovely fabrics that are patiently waiting for the perfect project to come along. But, I have chosen 2 and cut them out – hooray! I really dislike the cutting out pattern pieces and pinning and cutting aspect of sewing. I’d say that’s probably pretty normal though.

One of the patterns I am using is from 1977! The year of my birth! Back then they only did one size for each pattern and I’ve had to enlarge the pattern, using my usual, cut, guess and hope for the best method. I still need to buy a zip and find some interfacing for both projects so they might not be done this weekend. But I’m always hopeful….

Tonight it is ‘Ratatouille’ p48 and ‘Sweet Couscous’ p68 possibly a slightly unusual mix of flavours but that isn’t stopping me. We will wait to see what the little men make of them. It is a delight having feedback from little people. While their palate may be unrefined their judgement is honest and clear – though you can argue with the manners of spitting something out you certainly know what the feedback is!

This weekend I also plan to do some retro baking from some handwritten recipes from my childhood – ahhh nostalgia is a lovely thing!


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