Day 30

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 creative challenges. 8/100 complete.

Today I made ‘Oaty Crisps’ p78 which are very similar to Anzac biscuits but seem to work much more successfully in my experience. The great thing is that the recipe makes 4 dozen biscuits as well which means enough for us and enough to give away a decent amount – which I sneakily put in a friend’s bag when they were visiting!

Today I also received a parcel. Receiving parcels is definitely one fo those experiences that the delight will never wear off. This was a surprise parcel which contained a Korean newspaper – perfect for the foreign newspaper challenge AND 2 creative books – one full of foody things and one full of sewing projects. So wonderful.

I was thinking about the challenges I am definitely the receiver of several already – encouraging text, creative book, chutney, even a coffee out… as well as this I have been sent fabric, played a board game with friends… and other things too. It is good to stop and to remember to ‘count my blessings’ because there are so many of them.

Tonight I am sewing because I have the zip and interfacing ready. If the evening goes my way I should have some show and tell for tomorrow. I’m hopeful!


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  1. Oaty crisps well received here too! YUM!

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