Day 31

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 creative challenges. 8/100 complete.

Today was a beautiful day. I made Sophie’s ‘Fusion Risotto Cakes with Onion Jam’ p30. These were delish and very well received but I feel like I spent all afternoon in the kitchen. The onion jam simmers for 45mins then you make the risotto with all the ladling one at a time and waiting for it to absorb. Then it has to cool then make the patties, dip in flour, dip in egg, and in breadcrumbs then rest in the fridge before cooking. So definitely not a good choice for a stressed out weeknight. Probably worth the effort but not going to be a regular occurence.

Today I had one of those dream come true experiences. I wore one of my new dresses to church (you’ll see them soon!) and when someone commented on it I said I had made it. To which she replied ‘I have something in my car for you.’ Turns out she had 2 very long and 2 small pieces of fabric she had wanted to give someone. They are GORGEOUS. All red and retro and so me. I am using part of it to make her a skirt and the rest is all to dream about. It is one of those experiences that I couldn’t have improved had I dreamed it up myself. I am delighted!

Last night I was a busy little thing and I finished both the dresses – one very easy and the other not difficult but a bit more complicated. The striped dress is a stretch fabric so is SUPER comfortable. The other is the fabric I was given from India and zips up the back. I am really pleased with how they both look and fit and to have used 2 pieces of fabric I was given and adore. I am planning to wear more dresses as part of my current look/vibe so these will help out!

A relaxing night for all here tonight after a busy weekend with lots of work for everyone.


4 responses

  1. Debbie Apostolides | Reply

    Amazing, they both look fab I can’t believe you made them both today!!!

    Dresses are so easy to wear in the summer aren’t they? And then only one item to wash!!


  2. Great work sewing. You look lovely in both dresses. The photo of the 1977 one doesn’t show how georgous you look. Have a lovely week. You are a clever girl and a wonderful mummy.

  3. I love the stripey dress which you were wearing tonight, it’s awesome. great blog xxxx

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