Day 33

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 creative challenges. 10/100 complete.

A tenth of the way there! Today I completed Challenge 89 – to take home baking to someone I pay for there services. The boys and I took some ‘Bumble Bees’ with us. They were very thankful so hopefully they also enjoyed the flavour and not just the sentiment. I do love my doctors they always fit the boys in and make us feel like time is not a problem.

The ‘Bumble Bees’ are a truly retro recipe from the handwritten family collection. I have very fond memories of them although no one else seems to recall them that well which tells me my calorie radar has always been strong! We probably only had them once or twice but they left an impression! They are easy to make and very more-ish. I made them small and used them for treats after Master 1 had his immunisation jabs.

Today I also made ‘Goulash’ p16 which I fiddled a little so I could make it in the slow cooker. It was lovely definitely a recipe that will be even lovelier in winter when the fire is on.

Tomorrow we have little people coming for the morning and husband has a work morning tea to take things for on Friday so I might make a start on both in the morning. As for tonight I think it’s time to sit and flick through my new crafty books and feel inspired.


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