Day 36

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 creative challenges. 10/100 complete.

I think I nailed the office morning tea. Husband sent me a very cute email to let me know everyone thinks I am wonderful!

Today I made ‘Simple Pasta Sauce’ p59 . It was simple and due to last nights exhausting efforts tonight’s accompanying pasta is shop-bought! I made another batch of Bumble Bees today because the condensed milk needed to be used up.

I also have a friend’s birthday today which I have made a necklace for. I discovered a great shop that sells all sorts of great things for jewellery last year and this is the first piece I made so I am pleased with my efforts. I can see I’ll be in and out of there a bit this year.

Tonight is Classical Sparks – a huge concert in Hagley Park here in Chch and my wonderful sister is singing so I am looking forward to an evening under the stars listening to gorgeous music and singing. Husband, wonderful as ever, is Mr Babysitter tonight.

I have also created a new page at the top for ‘Reader Challenges’ so if you’ve been inspired let me know and I’ll add your efforts. It doesn’t matter if one challenge is done lots just any challenge you complete is great to share.


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