Day 38 & 39

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 creative challenges. 11/100 complete.

Yesterday I listened to Handel’s Messiah whilst cleaning to make the classical music house-work challenge more accurately done.

Tonight it was ‘Ravioli with Roasted Pepper Stuffing’ p56. I didn’t make the ravioli because I couldn’t face the arm work out so I bought cannelloni shells instead and made the stuffing and piped it into them. The result was delicious. I had to add a bit of liquid when cooking so the shells weren’t hard but we all enjoyed the results. It is the first time I have roasted peppers and removed their skins. The texture of the stuffing was about the same as nice humus.

I have included a photo of the necklace I made as a gift the other day. Very simple but I like the aesthetic.

I have also cut out a top pattern and fabric so when I am feeling a bit less lazy I will whip that up too.

Music group (for under 5s) started today too. I am running this 2 days a week and Masters 3&1 are my greatest music and dance making little friends. They are so into making music and jumping about it is always a delight to watch them. Tonight Master 3 caught sight of a sparrow eating some bread we threw out onto the lawn. He was absolutely entranced and entertained by it dragging it about and pulling it off another sparrow who came for  a look. He laughed and laughed at the event and it made me think sometimes it’s not just about ‘smelling the roses’ it is also about laughing at things that take your fancy and seeing humour in every day things.

3 responses

  1. Hey that is really cool- love it!

  2. Lovely necklace. Glad to hear you are learning to see life from the point of view of a child and that it makes you happy.
    Keep being excited and surprised by joy.

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