Day 40 & 41

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 creative challenges. 11/100 complete.

Today has been one of those days where it is great to be 3. Just after Master 1 had gone for his lunchtime rest our phone rang. Master 3 answered it beautifully and started chatting away to the caller. He told them his name, his brother’s name, who was home and what we were up to and then gave me the phone. By this time the caller had hung up. I was thrilled! Usually I love getting phone calls but it was obviously one of those survey/sell you something/ just have a minute of your time types – while I realise it’s a job and people need to work I always feel a bit annoyed that they are wasting time I could be playing, baking or talking to someone ‘proper’ on the phone. I also can’t believe the kind of decisions that some companys think you will make over the phone without consulting your other, more sensible and knowledgeable, half. Anyway rant over! Lovely Master 3 was probably the nicest call they were going to have all day and they hung up.

Also whilst Master 1 slept Master 3 was ‘diving’ into the ‘pool’ – read jumping off a chair into a large pile of blankets. When he went to the washing machine to ‘turn on the water jets’ I was making some kitchen spray with baking soda and white vinegar. I obviously was a bit generous with part of the mixture as the mixture foamed up and over and when I put the lid of the sprayer on it continued spraying out randomly. We were both most entertained and Master 3 said ‘I think that was me actually, sorry about that’ – as he decided his ‘water jets’ were working over time!

I have included a photo of the random sprayer! Who would have thought!

The Random Sprayer!

Today we all made ‘Chocolate Chip Cookies’ p77 together. These are easy, delicious and more-ish which is fine because the batch we did today made nearly 80 biscuits!

Last night we had ‘Chicken Baked with Lemon and Kumara’ p60 which is lovely too. Tonight it was ‘Self-Crusting Quiche’ p67 this is an easy one to whip up and I can see myself making it for family picnics when we get to that stage of life.

This afternoon – joy! A water main burst and there was a river flowing down our street. This gave us reason to get out of the house, despite the drizzle, and go for an explore. There were big children out on the street looking and big men with machinery fixing it. Our favourite part though was breaking off the yellow daisy type flowers that grow in the lawn and putting them into the river and running to the end of the street to watch them flow into the drain. It was a lovely time and flowers floating in water are lovely to look at even when they are weeds running into a drain from a flooded street!

2 responses

  1. How lovely! Sounds like a lovely day to be a mum too!

  2. Yes, it’s a lot of fun being a mum – most of the time!!!

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