Day 42

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 creative challenges. 11/100 complete.

Today I can cross off 3 more recipes. I made the ‘Fish Fingers’ p41 which are pretty easy to put together and were well received by all family members. Pretty plain but you could easily pep them up with herbs, spices etc.

I also made the ‘Shortcrust Pastry’ p73 and used it to make ‘German Apple Tart’ p81 both were easy and certainly the kind of thing I’ll be making lots of when the apple season comes rolling in.

Other than that a lovely morning at the library and a big bag full of house-y and crafty magazines to bring home. Along with Steve Biddulph’s book The Secret of Happy Children. I like his book about boys and this is one I’ve wanted to read for a while so I guess I could even use it for one of the challenges.

Project Runway tonight…. looks like a maternity wear challenge which as any yummy mama knows is a tall order! So many things a pregnant mama wants – stylish, comfortable, attractive, fashionable. And then the things no one wants it to be – revealing or overtly ‘sexy’.


2 responses

  1. Hello. What is the difference between the apple tart and the German version? I take it there is no sauerkraut hiding in there!…

  2. Nothing just a close up and lazy labelling!!! Definitely no sauerkraut!

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