Day 45

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 creative challenges. 12/100 complete.

Today I ticked off 3 more recipes. ‘Sticky Toffee Sauce’ p 92 this went with a Sticky Date Pudding I made for someone else! Tonight we had ‘Gougere’ p56 which is made from ‘Choux Pastry’ p82 (think eclairs). This was quite nice. I think mine browned a bit fast on the outside so the pastry was not as light as it coud have been but it was filled with veges and very pleasant to eat. It would make a nice lunch if you were having people over I think. There are still a lot of recipes to go but I think I’m over the halfway mark so that is exciting.

I also went for a fabric shop today! Hoorah! I bought some gorgeous pink/purple fabric from the quilting section – for nothing yet and also some fabric for mummy’s birthday gift. You’ll have to wait until the 26th to see that one so I don’t ruin the surprise via blog!

This week I am planning to properly read my foreign newspaper so that I can mark that challenge off. Apart from that a little sewing is in order I think!

Hope that you are finding ways to be more creative this year. I am currently musing whether to enter a wearable art competition this year in Kaikoura (about 2.5 hours north of Chch)… I’ll keep you posted.

I also signed up today to start learning sign language which I am excited about and also will help with the challenge where I need to learn something new.


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  1. The sticky date pudding and the caramel sauce was divine. Our dinner party was a hit and they loved the chicken. Andrew was ecstatic!

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