Day 47

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 creative challenges. 12/100 complete.

Tonight I made ‘Creamy Pumpkin Pasta Sauce’ p59. Husband, bless him, thought it was kumara and as he’s not a great lover of pumpkin I didn’t like to correct him. It went down a treat and there is some leftover for lunch tomorrow! Hooray.

Tonight is a night for cutting out I have decided. Today I received an invitation in the post. I love receiving mail and this is so exciting. The mama who originally devised the idea of the hundred challenges is doing a ‘talent swap’ evening instead of the clothing swap challenge. She has invited a group of ladies with a range of talents and abilities to her house next week. We were sent along with the invite a blank ‘voucher’. Before next week we have to write out the voucher for something we can do/give/help with and bring it with us. She put down some ideas like – babysitting, making a meal, doing a scrap-book page, sewing etc. We have to fill out the voucher with something we will do/give.. and bring it with us. The guidelines is that it should be equivalent of about 2 hours for us.

What a cool idea! I am very excited. I presume we will all go home with a voucher from someone else. I want to make something and I actually want to make it before the evening and take it with me so I leave the night with no work to do but something nice coming to me! So I have decided to make some ‘swipe the plastic but don’t use any plastic’ bags. That means I will make some bags that fold up small into your normal bag but you can use when you go to the library or ‘accidentally’ swipe the plastic but don’t have room for your purchases in your bag. They could also be used at the supermarket etc. My main dilemma is how many bags should I put on the voucher? When I make something in multiples it is difficult to measure how long it takes. I also think a lot of people have more than one place they could put such a bag – car, handbag, backpack, work bag, …. Let me know what you think. I’m thinking maybe 4 and I’ll make a variety of fabrics so there is a pretty, practical, waterproof and something else options.

Feedback welcome!!

I will start cutting out tonight!

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