Day 48 & 49

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 creative challenges. 12/100 complete.

Yesterday I made ‘Kebabs’ p64 they were very tasty and we all enjoyed them. I didn’t actually thread all the pieces onto skewers because I hurt myself threading them on and figured we’d be pulling them all off for the boys to eat anyway!

Today I made the ‘Salsa Verde’ p88 which we ate on burgers tonight. Husband and I were the only takers but we both loved it. Even better both the parsley and mint came from people’s gardens – it feels so virtuous to be using someone’s home-grown herbs rather than bought ones.

I have done my cutting out and so tonight I am planning to sew together the bags for the talent swap evening. I have also cut out a coat so you never know if the mood and patience are aligned I might just start work on that too. Mainly I want to get the bags near to completion so I can start the birthday gift that is due for next week too. I’ll photograph the bags when they are done and hopefully that will be soon!

Master 3 had a very cute morning. We made Lemon and Apple muffins together and he broke the eggs by himself and helped with the sifting and measuring. However, while the muffins were cooking he took the lemon skins, apple peelings and egg shells and mixed them all together in his own bowl. Then he took it all out and checked what had come out of them. Put the lemon skins back in and put it all in to bake in his little oven. After his were cooked we all tried them and he put them on the bench with a cover over to keep flies from getting them while they cooled. It was one of those moments when you think to yourself ‘you couldn’t be a bit cuter even if you were trying’. If you have the patience and the time to be patient cooking with small people is so rewarding – of course I am also hopeful that this will translate into making dinners when they are about 10!

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