Day 51 & Day 52

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 creative challenges. 13/100 completed.

This weekend was all about recipes 5 more down! I made ‘Peach Salsa’, ‘Lemon Vingeriatte’, ‘Lemon Curd’ and ‘Lemon Curd Krummeltorte’ on Saturday when we had one of those wonderful spontaneous BBQs with some of our great friends. Today I made ‘Stuffed Bread’ for a lazy Sunday tea. It was nice. All the recipes I did this weekend felt cheatingly simple. But I guess that is one of the things I like about Sophie – most of her recipes are actually pretty dummy proof.

Tonight I need to get Friday’s birthday gift complete so I can relax. It is quickly turning into a crazy week full of all sorts of good things but I’m not going to have much time for mucking about.

Aside from that I also need to do another big menu plan. At the start of the year I planned out almost 1 and a half months of recipes using Sophie’s first book and now I am running out of mains so I need to do a new plan. I am feeling inspired to keep trying more new recipes but I’m also missing some old favourites – a good time to sit and think and plan – and browse recipes books!

A thoughtful night ahead!

One response

  1. What cracks me up is that most of the recipes left are the sweet ones! Saving them til last?! 😉

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