Day 53

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 creative challenges. 13/100 complete.

Today I did some stamping with fabric paint. This is really my first attempt at any stamping – I seem to have let the scrapbooking and stamping craft crazes pass me by. However I thought it would be fun to do some text stamping onto fabric and I can see it being something I incorporate into clothing and gifts a bit. My stamping was a bit haphazard as I got letter stamps but they are in reverse. As I’m not using a stamp-pad or a roller the cut in bits got filled in so in the end I filled them up, wiped the rest away and pushed hard! It did work in a way I quite like so it’s okay afterall. I need to heat set the paint yet and finish the bags I put them on so I’ll photograph that when I finish them.

Last night’s birthday gift challenge is also sorted so I will post a picture after the birthday so as not to ruin the surprise for said birthday girl.

Tonight I used the ‘Frugal Flour Tortillas’ recipe which I think I have used already so nothing to cross off there.

I have a couple more bags to finish tonight and then I think an early night should really be on the cards because I have a lot on this week. I feel like I am either 70 or 4 writing that kind of sentence!!!!

I’ll leave you with a couple of photos that sum up summer for me. Admittedly this one has been rather on and off but here is what summer should look like in my world. It’s after dinner and still warm, the tummies are full, it’s time to have a bath or shower…..


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  1. FYI Frugal flour tortillas are NOT crossed off your list – I checked x

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