Day 54

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 creative challenges. 13/100 complete

Tonight I made the ‘Vegetable Soup with Lamb’ I made rice to go with it because Master 1 is going through a ‘I’ll eat anything for dinner as long as it is the texture of rice’ phase. It actually worked well and there will easily be enough to do 2-3 more meals from it that way.

The bags are all done and I even heat set the paint today – just in case the recipient decides to wash it – people can be so unreliable!!

I also made a water proof one so I’ll take 1 calico, 1 waterproof and 2 pretty to the talent night tomorrow.

Another glorious day here and the boys had great fun with the hose, paddling pool and sandpit this afternoon. I managed, just, to keep the sand and slush outside. On days like this it’s great to be able to get washing REALLY dry on the line in a short time.


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