Day 55, Day 56

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 creative challenges. 13/100 complete.

I think I need to get a bit more creative with my post titles – although I quite like the feeling of knowing how far through the year I am. Yesterday was a day of mixed blessings. I made the ‘Dundee Cake’ supposed to have a nut crust but my oven finally convinced me once and for all it is not just ‘user error’ that has been burning things. I also forgot to purchase the Nori (seaweed wrapping) for the sushi so a kitchen day that dented my current run.

Our oven is a fairly basic model and only 3 years old but for the last however long anything that needs longer than 20mins to cook has burnt on the top. Yesterday the Dundee cake – a fruit cake – was meant to take 2-2.5 hours and by just over an hour it was black – sides, top and bottom. It was all a bit much for this mama who made contact with several appliance repair places for quotes then contacted husband for his opinion. Husband whom I love and cherish sagely advised that a functioning oven is an absolute must and gave the green light to get oven repaired ASAP. Oven doctor contacted. Over doctor arrived with concerns about the thermostat and top element inside the oven.

As you may have picked up we are also in the process of selling so there was thoughts of ‘what should I do?’ In the end the decision seemed pretty simple to me we may or may not sell and if we don’t I want a functional oven and if we do I don’t want to sell a house to someone knowing their first cake will be a disaster! $220 well spent I think!

Today I haven’t quite managed to try out my ‘new oven’ but you will get a full update.

Last night I had gorgeous girly – ‘Talent Swap’ night which was SO fun. Lots of creative mamas and the guarantee of leaving with something special. I got a voucher for a handmade bag by a very clever sewer so I am well excited. The ‘swipe the plastic, hold the bag’ bags went down well too so double success. As well as amazing dessert and fine company – bliss.

Today it is about drinking enough water to stay hydrated – summer has ARRIVED and helping wonderful husband choose new glasses – I have my very own Clark Kent but I managed to recognise him with and without his glasses.

Master 3 wore his wetsuit style togs to Playcentre today because they would be playing with water – he also decided to bike there so it was one of those ‘if only you knew how cute you are’ moments. Shoes, helmet, togs and bike…Master 1 rode in the pram eating an apple – stalk and all – on the way. Little cuties!

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