Day 57 and 58

Make. Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 creative challenges. 14/100 complete.

Yesterday I did a bit of encouraging via text Challenge 33. Which saw me receive a lot of encouraging myself. Being kind is certainly its own reward.

Last night we went out for my Mama’s birthday which featured excellent food, fine company (what can I say – it’s a wonderful gene pool!) and my sister singing at the restaurant we went to. A very pleasant evening. The gift – A laptop bag lined in a hand towel to protect laptop was well received. Although technology is a wonderful thing it doesn’t usually feature creative looks or packaging so every little bit helps. I got the idea from WorldSweetWorld a magazine that also blogs on here.

This morning I also had fun instensifying Sophies Choc Chip Cookies by adding cocoa to the mixture. My ‘new’ oven has done a wonderful job on them and they are very American Cookie in their style. Mmmm. I think I am finally going to sit down and PROPERLY read my Korean newspaper this afternoon so that I can get another challenge completed. I can see that my 2 a week guideline is starting to slip a little and I want to wrestle back control.

Then this evening as a pure indulgence I’m hoping to start working on the jacket I have cut out. I am using the gorgeous fabric I was given randomly the other day so it has the added bonus of being free. A photo to follow when complete.

Tonight it is ‘Weekday Risotto’ which is a little paradoxical as it is Saturday. However with 2 small children any risotto that requires the ladling time that most do is not a weekday choice. My main aim from Monday to Friday is not to have anything to do for dinner in the kitchen during ‘crazy o’clock’ (3-5pm) so usually I make our dinner whilst the darling Masters 1&3 have their siesta. This works very well for us all.


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