Day 59

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 creative challenges. 15/100 complete.

Well I have finally read my Korean newspaper. Challenge 60. The key difference between the local one here in Christchurch has got to be the reading level. I think our papers are aimed at about a 12-year-old reading level and this one was more like 20-year-old. The terms were more technical and everything about it required more concentration. There was also more ‘news’, especially of the international variety. It was almost all business and national or international news. I must admit at this point I look forward to the lift out fashion and food section and one article on faith in our newspaper each week so I’m not what you would call a news lover or follower.

Today’s major effect on us was the news of the terrible earthquake in Chile and the resulting tsunami warning here. We live on the East Coast of NZs South Island so this was major news. Although we did not seem to get many effects there was a high level of alert and I was glad we do live a couple of kilometres from the beach front.

I was going to post some photos of our beach visit from yesterday but I have left my camera somewhere so alas no photos!

Last night I almost finished my jacket. Of course now I need mammoth self-control to do the last little bit because I have already started moving on to the next project in my head! Next project is going to be for charity I have some plans but all will be revealed.

Until then may your new week bring you creative joy.


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