Day 62

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 creative challenges. 16/100 complete.

Today I had one of those domestic perfection moments. The smell of baking bread – handmade from scratch – (applause please!) wafted from my oven whilst I, finally, covered the seat of the last dining chair that has been recently brought back inside. I felt very something – Martha Stewart perhaps?

Today I made Sophie’s Bread – from scratch no bread maker and I am well impressed it looked great, sliced well and was eaten by all my men-folk to great reception. Watch out I might just become a bread maker!

Dundee Cake with Toffee Nut Crust - take 2 'new' ovenMy first 'real' loaf!

My first 'real' loaf

 It is Chicken Laksa here again for tea this evening and Master 3 is very excited. We have also made pineapple junior jellies for afternoon tea. The sun is shining and all the colours of summer are out in full. These are the smiles that keep this mama ticking!

I Will Jump!


Have Teeth Will Smile


Lately I’ve been thinking about flowers I like and why I like them. First point to note is that I am NOT a gardener. While I can enjoy the beauty of other people’s gardens doing one myself just feels like an extension of housework.

I have decided there is a certain something I like about uncomplicated flowers. The flowers I like are the ones that aren’t classy or pretentious. They are ones that I can imagine would have a happy disposition – Daffodils, Geraniums, Forget-Me-Nots – these are the kind of flowers that appeal to me. Happy to grow anywhere, requiring very little care  – I think these are skills and attributes to be celebrated. I plan to cultivate them in myself.

In my opinion it’s absolutely okay to be low-maintenance (with exceptions now and again!). Here is a sky that caught our attention the other day. Creativity from the Creator.

Christchurch Twilight Sky

At Twilight

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