Day 63 and 64

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 creative challenges. 16/100 complete.

Last night I went to ‘Hanmade Nation’ which was a treat. It was a chance to look at some of the beautiful and unusual things that are coming out of crafters and artisans in the USA. Certainly I think it was one of those movies you come away from determined to do more about your own craftiness and also more enthused about the importance of buying and supporting people who are crafting their own things. What I love about the ‘craft movement’ is that there is truly and aesthetic for every taste. Some of the big names around the world are certainly not my idea of gorgeous or even tasteful but obviously there are people in all walks of life that appreciate crafting and buying handmade.

Tonight I made ‘Calzone’ another recipe down! I think it could have done with just a few more minutes in the oven but it didn’t happen and we ate it anyway.

I include a photo of the new jacket worn out for the first time last night – I mean who doesn’t wear something they made to a movie about handmade??? This is also the fabric I was given recently. See why I was so excited!

Tomorrow we are hosting 2 little extra lovelies for the morning and then I am going to a crafty afternoon tea at a local cafe it feels a bit too lovely to be true. It means I need to start something this evening that is the right size for working on at a cafe though. Needle felting is out and ready to start. Maybe an oversized felted and beaded brooch I think….

We also have a 4th birthday next week so I need to think of something to make for that. Currently I am thinking about a puppet my Master 3 is loving the puppet thing just now so I am hopeful this might be an idea that works.

Bring on the weekend. Sending you a little creative love xxx

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  1. Lovely jacket – beautiful!

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