Day 69

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 creative challenges. 16/100 complete.

To be on task by my figuring I really should be at 20 challenges around tomorrow and at 25 by the end of March. So, I need to get sorted. I’m not worried about this but I don’t want to fall behind too early in the piece. It is easy to think the year will get less busy but let’s face it when does that happen?

Tomorrow we have a little lovely friend turning 4. Along with his mama he is a bit of a foodie I think – and a staunch vegetarian. So I have made him an apron and we bought some very cute gingerbread people cookie cutters to go with them. It is reversible which in my world means less washing!

Reversible Apron size 4

I have also been working hard on my quilt (during nap time) so that, bar 1, each 12″ square is now assembled and ready to sew into strips. This is the quilt that will be raffled to raise funds for this mama  who is a friend of a friend. Master 1 discovered the sewing machine out when he woke up – I can see he has those sewing genes too!

I had a gorgeous day today. In the morning Master 3 and I went out to spend my $10 spotlight voucher – got some very cute fabric for quilting and some gorgeous silky for a top. Even better they were all on very good specials. All up I spent $8 of my money. Thanks spotlight. Then we went to the library in another part of town found books and magazines and had a scone and drink together.

In the afternoon Master 1 and I went cookie cutter shopping and hit the jackpot with the cookie cutters from a very nice shop and also bought giant chalk and a poster of world flags. Daddy and Master 3 are geography nerds – I mean that in the most loving way! I also bought myself a 3 pack of bamboo wooden spoons for $2. I love bamboo wooden spoons and I only have 2 wooden spoons total so I felt this was a justifiable purchase. It was rather blissful to have a wander around the shops which is a rarity these days.

Tonight I lazied out and made a vege strifry which was plain enough for the recovering ones and nice and easy for me.

Tonight I want to make some more headway on the charity quilt and watch a bit of NZ Masterchef too. I am all for reality TV if it involved creative talent in the cooking and sewing departments. I am more motivated to finish the quilt now that I have material for a new top too!

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