Day 70 and 71

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 creative challenges. 17/100 complete.

Today I made ‘Gourmet Icecream’ which I flavoured with Lemon Curd – idea c/o sister No1. I have a group of people coming for dessert tomorrow night which gives me the opportunity to get through a few more recipes.

I also completed Challenge 79 – listing all the colours I could think of. I didn’t allow myself the use of light or dark as a colour (eg dark blue) but I did allow myself one bright – bright blue. Without too much brain strain I managed to come up with 79. Which I found humourous as it is challenge 79.

We seem to be all recovered here after a nasty bug which treated us all to greater and lesser extents.

The charity quilt is coming along and I plan to purchase the inner batting tomorrow which will hopefully mean it gets finished this week.

Excitingly I have also been asked to be involved in the 48 hour film festival in April. This is with a team I have worked with before who are all lovely and chilled which is pretty amazing considering what has to be achieved in 48 hours.

Off to see Anne Frank the play this evening so a nice end to a somewhat grotty week.


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