Day 72

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 creative challenges. 17/100 complete

The ‘Meringues’ are cooling in the oven. The pastry is defrosted ready for the ‘Palmiers’ and if things go my way I might just manage to get the ‘Vege Parcels’ on the BBQ tonight as well.

Anne Frank was wonderful last night. Although I did a monologue from the play many moons ago for speech and drama I haven’t actually read the play or the diary. I have been to the annexe where they hid in Amsterdam. While I recognise the extreme importance of remembering and revisiting the atrocities that were inflicted on the Jews and have been inflicted on many people groups and cultures throughout time I find the emotional impact of these kind of experiences quite difficult to deal with. So I intentionally shy away from the photographs, diaries, articles because I feel so overwhelmed by them. I think I feel rather helpless in the face of the awful experiences people have lived through and also, even more so now I am a mother, I imagine very vividly how it would be if that happened to me.

It was a very good play and very sensitively done. It was moving and human and I think the humanness of the play and I guess her diary is what gives it power. In the face of millions dying connecting to the story of one person or a small group of people is what is most important. Every person who has died in war was a person – with family, friends, interests, experiences. To me this is what is important about the remembering of war – the connecting as people. Regardless of our culture, beliefs, experiences we are all people capable of feeling love and fear, pain and peace. We are all made in the image of a creator. We all have a gift to bring the world. We should all be encouraged to bring our gift. The taking of life is not what we were designed for.

So there we are for today’s philosophising!

3 boys (1 big on the couch) sleeping and me cooking and reflecting on war.

I have started to collect my life sayings/values so you can relax I am taking control of these challenges that are trying to get away on me. Much like the pile of washing waiting to be folded, only a lot more enjoyable.

I’ll leave you with a view I am savouring just now. The peach tree in our back garden laden with fruit, ripening…. bring on those peach muffins and smoothies.



2 responses

  1. godzoned (Debbie) | Reply

    hmm peaches! get some preserving jars from the supermarket and preserve some. We are doing preserves and its really easy…. (hardest part is actually depiting and taking off skins…. well for pears)

    We have done pears and apricots (bought cheep apricots).

    If you are over welmed with your peaches we will gladly take a supermarket bag off you. 😉

  2. Hey Moo, lovin reading your blog, you are soooo creative & have such an interesting busy life!! Go you!! x x x xx love Bec

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