Day 75

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 creative challenges. 19/100 complete.

Today I completed Challenge 50 to put a love note in my husbands lunchbox. In our case it is a lunch bag. He should of course get these very day because he is such a darling.

Master 1 also discovered he is a dab hand with mascara. It came off but he really had the wand movement down!

Mascara Boy

Mascara Wand

Or the bottle is fine!

Also the wearing of the ring has commenced. I sewed it to invisible elastic. I like it!

The Button Ring


2 responses

  1. Wow! Will is growing up quickly!

  2. godzoned (Debbie) | Reply

    lol funny with the makeup… now I guess at first I would have gone bazerk instead of taking photos. But I think I’m a bit highly strung for a mum.

    cute ring too. Great idea.

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