Day 76

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 creative challenges. 20/100 complete.

I feel I am inching back on the challenges again! Today we completed Challenge 8. I can’t believe I haven’t done this earlier. The canvas has been here but I hadn’t thought to use the test pots in the garage. We had a great time doing this and Master 3 was especially enthusiastic. He kept saying ‘thanks for doing this painting mum’. Bless him. He is already planning another one.

Master 1 - Masterpiece

Master 3 - Close Up

I have also made the chutney that will be given away so another challenge nearly done and another recipe closer to the end of the recipe book challenge.

Darling husband has arrived home needing a ‘gift from the boys at work’ for a colleague (male) who is about to get married. Being boys it is more about a gesture – preferably silly – than something proper. We have settled on a Peg Pinny (an apron to wear the pegs in while you hang out the washing) and an apron. With a message that says ‘How to keep your lady satisfied’. A man who does the dishes and hangs out the washing can’t go wrong!! So once I have made the peg pinny I will also be able to cross off the make something you haven’t made before to give away challenge.

After that it is work on the charity quilt that is most needed.


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  1. godzoned (Debbie) | Reply

    cute idea for the kiddos… when I was re-gessoing canvas’s ready for another painting on top I got Ethan to do one for me. only in white but he had a blast painting overtop of another painting. lol (a stuff up of mine really)

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