Day 80

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 creative challenges. 22/100 complete.

I have ‘show and tell’! Here is the charity quilt.

Charity Quilt

I am going to raffle this quilt with all proceeds being donated to a mama in Tauranga who needs radical treatment in Australia for cancer. I don’t know her but I wanted to do this. SO… if you live in NZ and you would like to buy a raffle ticket – $2 for 1 ticket or $5 for 3 entries. Leave a comment or email me: makeitgiveit at gmail dot com. And I’ll sort out an entry or entries for you.

Charity Quilt - for an idea of size

The quilt isn’t perfect (imperfection is a recurring theme in my work!) but I think it is pretty. Some of it is made from wedding dress fabric, some from my Grandma’s pillowcases, some from old sheets – it’s all made from happy fabric!

The Quilt - without the flash


This morning I saw a bit of the sunrise. My preferred mode of seeing in the day is sleeping until the sun is halfway through its journey but my husband should actually get a sleep in on occasion (please don’t encourage him to do this regularly though!) I love the burning pink colour in the clouds.


Sunrise 2

During my early morning adventure Master 1 also decided to spread a packet of breadcrumbs as far across the kitchen as possible including in his hair.

oops!Feels Interesting


 Master 3 helped to vacuum it up. Oh those happy days where it is exciting to do household chores…

Mama's Lovely Helper

Tonight I need to work on a baby gift for a new baby girl. I have an idea… Watch this space.


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  1. Put me down for $5! Hope I win 🙂

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